US Embassy Staffer In Malta Caught In Road Rage Fury

An American Embassy employee was caught-on-tape in a volatile road rage incident with a Maltese driver. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

An incident of U.S 'diplomacy' has gone badly wrong. A U.S. Embassy diplomat was trying to persuade a European driver to let him pass on a narrow street.

The diplomat said, “You want to [expletive] with me? Pull over here! Come on! Right now! You and me!"

The stand-off happened in one of the smallest countries in world—Malta—an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The streets are so narrow traffic routinely has to squeeze by or back up. Neither of the two drivers wanted to give way.

The American resorted to some undiplomatic language. He said, “I'm going to kick your Maltese [expletive]! You have no idea!”

Even shock and awe didn't work.

He said, “You're going to pull your car over or I’m going to beat your [expletive] fat Maltese [expletive] all over this [expletive] street. Get out of the car I [expletive] pray!”

The other driver said, “You back up!”

The diplomat said, "No! You are going to move six [expletive] inches and move!"

The American diplomat responded, “No! You're going to pull over six [expletive] inches and move!”

Then, he tried a stealth attack by lunging in the car.

The road rage incident has caused an international furor. It was videotaped by two British tourists and posted on YouTube.

The stand-off ended when the embassy staffer finally gave up. But the confrontation didn't end there. Further up the street the American took of his shirt and chases the Maltese driver on foot.

Published reports say that the unidentified American has been involved in other confrontations with locals.

The embassy apologized to the government of Malta and said the staffer has "departed." They said, "The behavior depicted in the video did not comport with the standards that we expect from all embassy personnel."