Ronald Reagan's Son Blasts 'The Butler'

Ronald Reagan's eldest son says The Butler's portrayal of his father is "phony." INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

President Reagan's oldest son, Michael is bashing the hit movie The Butler.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Reagan called the movie a "bogus story" that unfairly portrays his father as a racist.

Michael Reagan said, "It's really sad, people go see it and believe that it's true and it's so phony."

Reagan says the way his dad treated his butler tells the real story.

"By the way, that racist president made him maitre d', moved him up the scale, not down the scale," said Michael.

Michael says the character played by Alan Rickman is nothing like his dad.

Fox and Friends asked, "Why did they do it that way?"

"Well, welcome to Hollywood. This is their vision of Ronald Reagan," said Michael.