Dave Chappelle Walks Out On Audience

Comedian Dave Chappelle was fed up with an audience that kept interrupting him and simply walked out on the show. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's another controversial exit by funnyman Dave Chappelle.

He got upset because the audience at a standup show was too noisy. So he abandoned his routine altogether and finally walked off to a chorus of boos from angry fans.

One audience member later wrote: "unprofessional and a waste of money."

But some defended Chappelle. "I was there, and yes, people were being obnoxious," wrote one fan.

In a video posted on YouTube, Chappelle can be heard complaining about the noise.

"Sorry about that for those of you who are trying to hear a show," said Chappelle.

Just before he walked off, he had a cryptic message for the audience: "I forgive some of you. I don't forgive all of you."

Then he left.

The incident came during Chappelle's first major tour since he quit his Comedy Central show in 2005 at the height of its success. Some speculated at the time that Chappelle had had a breakdown. But he explained to Oprah Winfrey why he turned his back on a $50 million deal.

"I would go to work on the show and I felt awful every day. I felt like some kind of prostitute," Chappelle told Oprah.

Now, more evidence that for Chappelle, it's his way or the highway.