105-Year-Old Driver Gets New Car

At 105 years old, Edythe Kirchmaier just renewed her driver's license, joined Facebook and got a new car. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the woman who isn't slowing down.

105-year-old Edythe Kirchmaier told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I've been driving for 86 years."

If anybody else said that, you'd swear they were exaggerating. But it's the truth. At 105 years of age, Edythe Kirchmaier is the oldest and the safest driver in California, without a single violation behind the wheel.

"I'm very careful. I follow the rules of the road," said Kirchmaier.

And what a road it's been. She told Jay Leno how it all began.

Leno asked, "What was the first car you owned?"

"It was a Model-A. It cost me $100," she said.

"I'll give you $200 for it right now," joked Leno.

Kirchmaier was happily married for 70 years. Her husband died when she was 100 years old. She has 17 great-grandchildren.

To celebrate her 105th birthday, she renewed her driver's license, and get this—she also joined Facebook, instantly becoming the oldest member of the social network. Why did she join Facebook? Well, for the past 40 years, Kirchmaier has done volunteer work for Direct Relief, an organization that provides free medications to needy people.

Kirchmaier said, "It's just a part of my life,"

So she posted this challenge: "Help grant my birthday wish by liking my beloved charity, Direct Relief on Facebook."

It worked. So far, she has gotten more than 125,000 "likes," and counting!

An anonymous admirer gave a brand new Honda Civic to Kirchmaier. A fitting gift for the oldest driver with the youngest heart and a great sense of humor.

"It's on a lease for two years. And I'm 105 and seven months," she proclaimed.