Car Crash Survivor Thank's 'Angel Priest'

Katie Lentz survived a horrific car crash, and thanks the priest who appeared out of nowhere and prayed with her on the scene. INSIDE EDITION has more.

We're now hearing from the "Miracle Girl" trapped in a horrendous car crash, whose amazing story of survival touched the nation.

Nineteen-year-old Katie Lentz suffered a dozen broken bones and has hundreds of stitches all down her right leg that was crushed in a head-on collision with a suspected drunk driver in Missouri.

"I haven't come to the full realization yet that I had a near-death experience," said Lentz.

As rescue workers struggled to free Lentz from the twisted wreckage, something happened that defied explanation. Out of nowhere, a priest appeared and began to pray with her.  

Lentz said, "I didn't have any thought of crying or screaming. I just knew I had to keep praying."

No one knew who the angel priest was and he didn't appear in any of the photos taken at the accident scene. After Lentz was flown to a hospital, the priest disappeared. That led some to wonder if he was the spirit of the late Catholic Saint Padre Pio, who was said to have healing powers.

The mystery was solved when Father Patrick Dowling came forward and identified himself as the angel priest who prayed with Lentz.

Lentz is a sophomore at Tulane University and hopes one day to be a dentist. She's using special pegs to restore the strength in her fingers, and can now walk 150 feet as she continues to get stronger every day.

She's grateful to all her rescuers, especially the angel priest who flew to her side.

Lentz said, "I asked him to pray with me and pray out loud for my leg. I'm so glad he was there."