13-Year-Old Finds Woman's Lost Treasure

After a woman lost her precious wedding ring in a rushing river, a determined teenager was eager to find it. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A woman waded into a rushing river wearing her $4,000 gold and diamond wedding ring.

Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell into the churning water, and that's when LeLonnie Alexander realized her wedding ring had slipped off of her finger. Panic set in.

Alexander showed INSIDE EDITION how she frantically searched for it, repeatedly diving into the murky water. She searched and searched but her ring was gone.

"I thought it was gone forever," said Alexander.

She was devastated, as the ring has been on her finger since she was married 10 years ago. All around the watering hole in Upper Michigan, news of the lost ring spread. Local kids and even sheriff's deputies looked for it.

"I, never in a million years, would have thought the ring would have been found," said Alexander.

A week passed, then along came Caden Gerksy, determined to find the lost ring.

Gerksy said, "It was like a treasure hunt."

The 13-year-old put on his trusty snorkel and mask and dove into the water. He felt his way around the five-foot-deep pond and sifted through rocks and sediment. And guess what? He found it wedged under the rocks.

He said, "I picked it up and looked at it and said 'Holy crap I found it!'"

Alexander asked, "Are you kidding? Are you kidding?"
INSIDE EDITION was there as Gerksy and Alexander met for the first time at the very place where the ring was lost.

"You're so amazing," cheered Alexander. "I can't believe you found my ring! You even went in to look for it."

Gerksy got a big hug and an even bigger surprise, a new television courtesy of the folks at KMart.

A proud Alexander told a reporter, "He could very well have kept my ring, but he has awesome parents that taught him the right thing."

Honesty has its rewards.