Young Baseball Fan Shares Lucky Catch

A young baseball fan helped another, even younger fan take home a baseball and some memories his family will never forget. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A youngster was heartbroken when he failed to catch a foul ball. He returned to his seat with tears in his eyes. Hey, there's no crying in baseball!

"That little guy was bummed," said an announcer.

It happened at the San Francisco Giants—Arizona Diamondbacks game. The announcers were really feeling his pain.

The announcer was quoted again, "If we were closer we'd give that little guy a ball."

But there was an angel in the outfield—an older kid who handed the youngster his ball! The little fella's dad was blown away by the gesture.

An announcer at the game said, "Is that not the best? I'm picking that guy for my player of the game."

The older boy turned that frown upside down for the younger boy.

The announcers were so impressed that they sent our hero a game ball saying, "This little guy's happy—we got him back! This kid, he's amazing!"

A lesson for all from a young man who really hit it out of the park.