Mysterious Noise Baffles Citizens

An abundance of online videos have captured mysterious sounds that has baffled scientists and residents alike. INSIDE EDITION spoke to one woman who captured the strange noise on camera.

It's the strange sound that has the whole world wondering: What is that bizarre, trumpet-like sound?  Where does it come from?  

The mystery is burning up the internet with over 900,000 views since a video was posted on YouTube four days ago with the sound.

Kimberly Wookey recorded the strange sound at her home in Terrace, British Columbia.  

Wookey, "It creeped me out."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "What do you think this sound is?"

Wookey replied, "I have no idea. I have heard so many different stories."

She wasn't the only one who heard it. Another video was shot a few miles away at the same moment. In that video, someone can be heard saying, “Oh, that's crazy, so weird, sounds like it's coming from the sky.”

Reaction to the mysterious sound ranges from awe to fear. "These are the sounds of planet earth crying," said one posting.

Another calls it "The trumpet of the apocalypse."  

Others are skeptical, wondering if it's a hoax, pointing out it sounds suspiciously like a scene from the 2011 horror movie Red State.

Wookey said, "Now, I have people thinking I have hoaxed this, I have taken the sound of a movie and edited it into my clip. I am a working mom of four, I don't have time to do those kinds of things."

The strange sound is part of a worldwide phenomenon that's gone viral and has scientists scratching their heads.

One video capturing the noise was shot in a Canadian forest in 2012. Another creepy, high-pitched sound was recorded in Michigan, and another spooky one was heard in Finland.

As for the latest strange sound, authorities in Terrace, Canada said they've solved the mystery.  

"It was us,“ the city of Terrace Facebook page announced, “A city employee was preparing a grader for some (road) work ... and produced that mysterious noise with the grader blade."

That might explain Wookey's video, but what about those other sounds from beyond?