Donald Trump Rips Into Jay Leno

When comedian Bill Maher poked fun at Donald Trump on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno enjoyed the jokes. Now, Trump is firing back at the late night host. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Comedian Bill Maher mocked Donald Trump on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno lapped it up and rubbed his hands in glee.

Maher said, "I don't even think Donald Trump is a real person."

Now, Trump is so furious, he's not only blasting Maher, he's also ripping into Leno, tweeting: "Jay sucks!" He even called Leno "disloyal."

The rift began after Maher went on The Tonight Show and Leno asked about his long-running feud with the billionaire.

Maher said, "Donald Trump is such an ego-maniac, he thinks we have this feud because I was mad at him because he wouldn't do my show. Like I could give a damn if this moron ever does my show."

Then came this jab, "We noticed on our show that there were only two things in nature that were the same color, Donald Trump's hair and the orange Orangutan.”

Leno clearly loved it. Twice during Maher’s routine, he rubbed his hands with delight.

On Thursday, Trump hit back on Twitter: "I hear this moron Bill Maher said nasty things about me (hair etc-boring) on the terminated Jay Leno show. Stupid guy/bad ratings!"

Trump didn't stop there. He went after Leno. Tweeting: “Jay Leno and his people are constantly calling me to go on his show. My answer is always no because his show sucks. They love my ratings!"

Trump then wrote: "I’ve always defended Jay Leno but he never defends me. He's not a loyal person & I now understand why everybody dumped him. Jay sucks!"

This latest war of words comes all because of one TV shtick.