Fergie Out in New York

Sarah Ferguson makes an appearance at a Book Expo, signing book copies and making jokes, despite the bribery scandal she's tangled up in.  INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Fergie the disgraced duchess is joking about the world of trouble she's in for accepting a bribe in this now notorious undercover sting.

Speaking at BookExpo America in New York on Wednesday she said the titles of her children's books mirror the scandal.

Ferguson said, "One of the books is Ashley Learns About Strangers, or Matthew and the Bullies."

Fergie is staying at the same New York hotel where she was first offered a bribe by a journalist posing as a businessman.  She looked exhausted as she left for the book expo where she signed books for long lines of fans.

Fergie has been a huge hit at the book fair.  The whole world is talking about that $750,000 bribe Fergie agreed to in return for access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. 

INSIDE EDITION has learned of an even more bizarre offer that Fergie received.   Three and a half million dollars in return for sex with the duchess! She turned that offer down.

Fergie's former financial advisor says the offer came from a wealthy Arab sheik soon after her divorce in 1996. "I knew him socially and he was very enamored with the duchess," the financial advisor said.

He says Fergie agreed to a legitimate business meeting with the sheik then had to fight off his advances.  "She realized that this was not a business meeting but something else and managed to slither out of there after he only grabbed her and was able to only plant one kiss," he said.

Fergie's former advisor said the sheik later wired her about 75,000 U.S. dollars for that unwelcome kiss.