Jack Hanna Weighs In On Safari Traveler Killed By Elephant

Renowned animal expert Jack Hanna shares his insight with INSIDE EDITION into the dangers of elephants after an American doctor was killed by the largest mammal walking the planet.

Elephants are the strongest creatures that walk on Earth. Most people think they're lovable, but they can actually be lethal.

Elephants kill 500 people a year. The latest is a physician from California, who was trampled to death by an elephant while on a luxury safari in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania.   

Fifty-eight-year-old Dr. Thomas McAfee was just appointed Chief Executive at the prestigious University of Southern California Medical School. 

Renowned animal expert Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo works with Asian elephants. Hanna told INSIDE EDITION, "The power of an elephant, you don't know what an elephant can do. They might have been too close. They might have come around a corner and the elephant saw them and he's going to chase them. You don't outrun and elephant."

Watch our interview with Jack.

Just last week INSIDE EDITION showed you incredible video of a female elephant charging at a Jeep.

Elephants are not predators, but they are designed for battle. A National Geographic animation details their tusks are meant to impress other elephants, but can also thrust and impale. Their trunks are used to gather food, but they can also seize and toss a human. Their giant feet designed to carry their bulk can also kick, trample and crush. Their skull can exert tons of pressure, just as it did on Allen Campbell.

Hanna said, "Don't underestimate any animal on safari."