Subway Kittens Up For Adoption

The cats who shut down two major subway lines in New York City when they made their way onto the tracks have found a new home. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The New York subway kitties have a new home. The frisky felines caused a stir last Friday when they  shut down the B and Q lines in Brooklyn, New York, for nearly two hours. 

Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said he would have let the felines fend for themselves, leading to a memorable front page headline from Daily News: "Die Kitties Die."

Stephen Colbert made mischief with the controversy and brought the rescued kittens on his show Thursday night.  

He joked, "This is a shrewd political move, think about it. Lhota is the only pro-dead kitten candidate in this race."

The four-week-old kittens are being cared for temporarily by Steven Liu at his apartment in Bushwick.  He actually fosters cats for a living.  

He said, "They are going to be here until eight weeks. If they are healthy at the end of the eight weeks, they are going back to adoption."

If you're interested in adopting these kitties go to the Animal Care and Control of New York City for information and a pet adoption application.

Who could resist!