Teen Boys Save Kidnap Victim

It began with two teen boys noticing a pretty girl in another car, and ended in a kidnapping chase right out of a movie. INSIDE EDITION talks to the boys about their role in rescuing the kidnap victim.

When you learn what these heroic Texas teenagers did, you'll realize it's no exaggeration when they say, "We felt like we were in an action movie!"

It  began when they stopped at a red light near downtown Dallas and noticed a beautiful woman in the back seat of the car beside them.

Seventeen-year-old Jamal Harris said, "I was checking her out because she was pretty attractive."

But soon he realized something was wrong.

"We made eye contact. I could see from the expression on her face that what she was telling me was serious. So I read her lips and she was actually mouthing "Help me!"

Nineteen-year-old Aaron Arias was behind the wheel. At first, he didn't believe his friend.

"He was like, 'she's mouthing 'help me!' I was like, stop playing," said Arias.

But when Arias looked over, he realized she was in trouble, so he called 911.

Arias: "Yes, I'm on the highway, I'm witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping. So, we're checking out the girl in the back seat because we're like, Okay, she's kind of attractive,' and then all of a sudden you know, the guy is turned back, looking at us. He looked to the back seat and the blonde female in the back seat was saying 'help me!' or something, whispering it."

Arias followed the car, never letting it out of his sight. He told the operator exactly where he was on Highway 175.

"The police operator told us to turn on the hazards so the patrol car nearby could spot us," said Harris.

Arias told the 911 Operator: "The dude obviously knows he's being followed. So, he's either gonna hurt her or try to cut his losses, or he's going to try to hurt all of us."

When the cops pulled the suspect over, Arias could barely contain his joy.

Arias: "Thank God, you guys are awesome! Oh my God! Oh my God, get him! Oh my God!"

At last, the nightmare was over, 40 miles from where it began. The suspect behind the wheel, Charles Atkins Lewis Jr. was charged with aggravated kidnapping. He'd allegedly struck the young woman over the head and forced her into her own car at gunpoint.

She hugged the two brave teens who put their lives on the line.

Arias said, "I can honestly say those were the best hugs I've ever gotten!"