A Swinging Couple Could Be Your Next Door Neighbors

INSIDE EDITION spoke to a couple from the new Discovery Health and Fitness show, Secret Sex Lives: Swingers that proves they could be the couple next door.

Chris and Rebecca are swingers.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “We are not nymphomaniacs. We are not sex freaks. We are not perverts.”

They got married last year, but they still meet other couples at monthly swingers parties. They appear in a new TV show, Secret Sex Lives: Swingers.

Chris said, ‘We are not that much different from people from next door.”

They said many of their family members will learn about out their secret lives as swingers when the show airs on Saturday night at 10 p.m. on Discovery Health and Fitness.

Chris said, “It's not something we are ashamed oft, but it is not something we advertise.”

Rebecca believes there is a misconception about swingers saying,  "It is just something that ordinary people do every day."