Teen Killed In Remote-Controlled Helicopter Accident

Teenager Roman Pirozek was killed in a tragic accident during a stunt he was performing with his remote-controlled helicopter. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A teenager was performing a deadly stunt with his model helicopter when he was killed in a bizarre accident. 

The chopper struck him in the head, nearly decapitating him.

Nineteen-year-old Roman Pirozek could be seen operating his remote-controlled chopper with a buddy in videos posted on YouTube, performing the stunt in which the chopper flies on its side and upside down.

The teenager's body lay under a canopy as police investigated.

The accident happened in a park in Brooklyn, New York, popular with model aircraft enthusiasts. Pirozek's father, who is vice president of a local model aircraft club was there watching when his son was killed.

The aftermath of the tragedy was still evident when INSIDE EDITION reported from the scene, observing part of the rotor blade, part of his sunglasses and park staff have used soil to cover up the blood.  

Friends of the victim, both model plane enthusiasts made a pilgrimage to the park today to pay their respects at the spot where he was killed.

In a YouTube video, Pirozek's voice can heard saying, "Tail is steady. No vibrations whatsoever." At one point the chopper comes perilously close. The aircraft the teenager was operating was a sophisticated T-Rex 700 which costs $1,700. The rotor blades are five feet long and when those blades are turning they can cut like knives.

It's a hobby growing in popularity.  Among the enthusiasts is Kardashian step-dad Bruce Jenner, who flies the same model helicopter Pirozek was operating when he was killed.

Fred Hutchins, a model airplane expert told INSIDE EDITION, "There was a very strong north wind at the time of the accident. So, I'm attributing the accident to, possibly a wind gust that carried the model into him."

Pirozek enjoyed shooting aerial video of New York City with the camera aboard his chopper. But he also took risks. In one video, he and two friends don't flinch as he cooly brings the chopper in to land on the table in front of them.

But his final risky stunt went horribly wrong.