Poor Reviews For 'Diana' Movie

Diana the movie premiered in London, and most reviews aren't great. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The reviews are in for the new Princess Diana movie, and they are terrible.

"Squirmingly embarrassing" [Source: The Australian]

"Atrocious" [Source: The Times of London]

"Fabulously awful" [Source: The Daily Mirror]

London's Guardian newspaper gives it just one star out of five.

The film did get one good review from London's Evening Standard, which called it, "Very watchable" and "certainly not the turkey some had dismissed it as."

The movie charts the last two years of Diana's tragic life, focusing on her forbidden romance with a Muslim doctor.

Actress Naomi Watts plays Diana. She wore an elegant white gown to the London premiere that conjured up images of Diana in happier times.

Diana the movie hits theaters in the United States November 1.