Secrets To Be Revealed on 'The Talk'

Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne stopped by INSIDE EDITION for a hint of what's to come in the new season.

There's big news on The Talk.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne, "What's new this season on The Talk?"

Osbourne said, "Everything!"

Chen told McInerney, "Secrets revealed!"

That's right, starting September 9th, every co-host of the popular CBS talk show will be revealing a secret about themselves.

Julie Chen asked Sharon Osbourne, "How do you feel about revealing your secrets?"

"I have to tell my family first," noted Osbourne. "So I have to clear my secret with a few people before I can reveal it."

Not only will the hosts be revealing secrets, so will their guests.

McInerney asked, "Who would you love to have on to try to get their secrets out of them?"

Julie Chen went for, "Katie Holmes!"

Sharon Osbourne went for, "Anthony Weiner!"

"We know his secret," said Chen.

"There's more," exclaimed Osbourne.