First 'Survivor' Winner Richard Hatch May Have Fathered Hundreds Of Children

Richard Hatch of Survivor fame may have fathered hundreds of children from his days as a sperm donor. Now, some of his biological kids have tracked him down. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

America got to know Richard Hatch as the very first winner of TV’s Survivor back in 2000. He was "that naked guy" who took home the million dollar prize.

But today, Hatch is sharing news about something he did more than 20 years ago when he was in college. He was a sperm donor and may have fathered dozens of children, perhaps as many as 200.

Emily Kidd and Devin O’Neill are just two of Hatch's biological children. They're both 24 years old and found Hatch with information their mothers had on a website called The Donor Sibling Registry.  

They knew he donated at the Fairfax, Virginia, Cryobank. They knew he was 6’4” and of Swedish decent, and that he was a college student at George Mason University in Virginia. A tall, educated Swede was a popular choice for countless women at the Cryobank.

Devin said, “They have all the lists of people that are looking and people that donated, and one of them was 6'4", Swedish. I figured that is as close as I am going to get. So, I clicked the email link, emailed him, and said, 'This may be weird, but you might be my biological donor. Hi!'"

Emily's mom confirmed the news and told her, "It's Richard Hatch!"

Devin didn't know who Hatch was but Emily had watched Survivor with her mom. She had vague memories of him.

She said, “I didn't remember much from when I was 11 but I do remember the naked man and the hype of it.”

There is one question Emily gets a lot that she can't answer, “How many siblings do you have?” She said, “I should be able to answer that question.”

There is no definitive number of offspring because when Hatch was a sperm donor, he did it hundreds of times.

Hatch said, “I did it for two years, about two or three times a week.”

He was paid about $30 a donation, and now faces the prospect of having dozens of offspring and conceivably many, many more.

Hatch, who is gay, already has one son, who he adopted him in 1998. He lives with his partner Emiliano whom he married in 2005. His lives son lives with the couple. 

In an interesting twist, even though Emily grew up in Maine, she lived just down the street from Hatch in Rhode Island when she was in college.

INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent said, “When you look at the three of you, it's the eyes that are so much the same. It really is amazing.”

Hatch is now getting to know Emily and Devin. He's made it clear he doesn't want to replace anyone in their lives. They both have fathers who raised them.

She said, ‘We did a trip at Christmas to Newport. We've spent family time together."

Hatch said, "It's an exciting time. It's a great time.”