Bikini Clad Noodlers Catch Catfish With Their Bare Hands

INSIDE EDITION caught up with a group of young women who catch catfish with their bare hands.

A girl in a bikini caught a 30 pound catfish with her bare hands. The young lady and others like her are "noodlers.” That's what they call people who catch catfish using only their bare hands, just like on Animal Planet's Hillbilly Handfishin'.

INSIDE EDITION went with the Bare-Knuckle Babes to their favorite fishing hole, Lake Texoma on the Texas / Oklahoma border.
The water's warm and it's thick as pea soup. But 19-year-old Lucy Millsap knows where the fish hide. She routinely catches 50 and 60 pound catfish.

Even a three pounder has some very sharp teeth that cut one girls finger. She said, “He chomped me, he chomped me good.”
They always throw the fish back in the water, no matter how big, or small the catch.
This fall, their first calendar hits the stores. Noodling and bikinis, what a combo!