Jenny McCarthy Takes Her Seat On 'The View'

INSIDE EDITION was there for Jenny McCarthy's first show as a regular co-host on The View.

It was a big welcome for Jenny McCarthy as she made her debut on The View.

INSIDE EDITION was behind-the-scenes for it all. The ladies actually practiced their big entrance before the one seen on live TV.

Watch McCarthy Talk About Her First Day Here

It was bring-your-boyfriend-to-work day with McCarthy's first guest, former New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg, who now stars on CBS's Blue Bloods.

They shared sweet smooches during the show, but INSIDE EDITION'S Megan Alexander can testify, McCarthy was all over her man during commerical breaks. After the show wrapped, Alexander got the scoop from McCarthy on her first day. But first, she needed to scarf down a snack!

"How was it?" asked Alexander.

McCarthy said, "I think it went amazing. It was fun. I wasn't nervous. I thought I was going to be nervous, but I wasn't. Maybe it's because I got a lot of support from my son, Donnie, Barbara and the gang were so nice to me. There was no hazing or anything. No one froze my bra."

Alexander also caught up with the veteran co-hosts.

Sherri Shepherd said, "I don't think human resources knows what they got into when they hired Jenny McCarthy. I've known this girl for 12 years. I was like, 'Do you all really understand what's about to go down?' "

Eighty-three-year-old Barbara Walters announced last spring that she would retire next year.  Walters told INSIDE EDITION, "Most stars say, 'Please dont' ask me anything personal.' She comes on with her boyfriend. She's also intelligent and thoughtful. I think it's a great addition."