Jason Mortensen Discovers a Pleasant Surprise After His Surgery

When Jason Mortensen first woke up after surgery, he didn't recognize his own wife until the anesthesia wore off. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Twenty-nine-year-old Jason Mortensen just had a hernia operation. He came out of anesthesia and didn’t recognize his own wife, the woman beside him.

Mortenson questioned the woman, “Did the doctor send you?”

Then he started to flirt with her.

“Man, you are eye candy.”

He continued, “Whoa, you are the prettiest woman I've ever seen.”

But then Jason was in for a pleasant surprise when he asked, "What's your name?”

She said to Jason, “My name is Candice. I'm your wife.”

A confused Jason replied, “You’re my wife?”

Jason couldn’t believe his luck, “Holy (blank)!”

The Mortensens live in Utah. Now, Jason wanted to know all about their lives as he asked her, “Have we kissed yet?"

It dawned on Jason that he's one fortunate guy, and he wanted a better look.

“Turn around for a minute,” he said.

His wife's smile dazzled him, “Whoa, your teeth are perfect.”

It reminded a lot of people of the famous video from 2009, known as David at the Dentist, of a little boy who was delirious after his trip to the dentist.

But as for this latest viral video, some are wondering if it's bogus, especially in the wake of that Jimmy Kimmel twerking hoax. But we spoke to Jason and he assured us it's the real McCoy. And so is his wife.

He cheered: “Oh my god, I hit the jackpot.”