Doctor Crafts His Own Wonder Woman

A California plastic surgeon created the woman of his dreams, then he proposed to her. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon created the woman of his dreams on his operating table and then he asked her to marry him on their very first date.

Dr. David Matlock met his future wife, Veronica, a nurse, when she came in for his so-called “Wonder Woman makeover,” named after the ultimate female super hero.

Dr. Matlock told INSIDE EDITION, “I fell in love with my wife when I first saw her.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked, “Is she your Wonder Woman?”

“I would say she's my Wonder Woman in more ways than one,” said Dr. Matlock.

The makeover included calf sculpting, liposuction on the tummy, and a Brazilian butt lift, where he injects the fat from the abdomen into the butt.
Dr. Matlock said, “I've been to Brazil 17 times and the women there do have beautiful butts. I love butts!”
By creating his own personal Wonder Woman, some people are asking, did Dr. Matlock cross the line?

Veronica said, “What's the big deal? I don't get it .”

Moret said, “People are comparing you to a Dr. Frankenstein, portraying you, doctor, as some kind of a mad scientist.”

He said, “They have it all wrong. I view her as my wife and that is it. If she asks me for another procedure I won't do it. She doesn't need it.”
Dr. Matlock said he hasn't done any other surgeries on Veronica since they married five years ago, but he does keep on her about her weight.

He said, “I will tell her, ‘Uh you're gaining a little bit and it bothers me.’ It bothers me. I’m sure it bothers her too.”

You may recognize Dr. Matlock as he appeared on TV’s DR. 90210. He's striving to look perfect himself. He has six-pack abs. He had a colleague laser off the excess fat to sculpt an Adonis-like body. He and Veronica maintain their physiques with a high protein diet and they do an intensive daily work out in their home gym.

Dr. Matlock said Veronica's butt is his walking billboard.
He said, “I must say I get a lot of business from Veronica's butt.”

One might call this a marriage made, not in heaven, but in the operating room. This doctor couldn't be happier with his personal Wonder Woman.