So-Called Neighbor From Hell Speaks Out

A Minnesota family says they just wanted a quiet life, but a neighbor proved otherwise.INSIDE EDITION spoke to the so-called neighbor from Hell to get her side of the story.

Police arrived at a home to settle one of the most dramatic cases of neighbor vs. neighbor ever caught on videotape.

Inside one house was Lori Christensen, the so-called “Neighbor from Hell,” and her daughter.

When Lori didn’t come out, cops stormed the house.  Lori was handcuffed and arrested as her terrified daughter watched.

Now, the neighbor from hell is exclusively telling her side of the story to INSIDE EDITION.

She said, “I'm absolutely not a crazy neighbor.”

The 49-year-old single mom lived in White Bear, Minnesota and life was good. She said she got along great with her neighbors, Greg and Kim Hoffman, who lived right across the street.

But things got ugly when their daughters had a dispute. The Hoffman’s told INSIDE EDITION that Lori began to harass them relentlessly for five years, like dancing suggestively.

Lori said, “If you want lay in bed and watch a little Lori video. I give something to watch. I danced in my driveway, showed a little thigh.”

At the suggestion of police, The Hoffman’s started to videotape their neighbor.

Greg Hoffman said, “It just escalated because we would not react and she was bound and determined to get us to react.”

Lori was videotaped spray painting huge signs on bed sheets that she then hung from her garage.

“I put some inappropriate signs out. That’s my first amendment right,” Lori said.

Lori claimed she was annoyed because her neighbor was constantly videotaping her. “He was like stalking me. He was following me everywhere I went,” she said.

Greg Hoffman denies that and said he was only doing what cops told him to do. She put up a sign, "Get a life you stalking freak."

Kim Hoffman made no secret of being a recovering alcoholic and says Lori was cruelly mocking her.

Greg said, "She would rock back and forth with a Corona bottle to her mouth, tipped all the way back."

Lori even drove her remote control car like a drunk driver.

Kim said, "It was very offensive, especially to myself."

Lori said, “I was not in the mindset of drinking a beer to taunt Kim Hoffman.”

The Hoffman’s took out a restraining order. When they say Lori violated it, they called the cops.

Lori said, "It was a lot of sexism. It was a husband and wife against a single girl."

In May, the case went to court. Lori pled guilty to violating the restraining order. The judge ordered her to sell her home and move away. The Hoffman’s are finally free of the neighbor from hell.

Lori is heading to court this week to withdraw her guilty plea in violating that restraining order.