Michael Buble Is Searching For A Bond With His Newborn

Michael Buble is speaking openly about his surprise that he didn't immediately bond with his newborn baby. It's more common than one might think. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Singer Michael Buble made a name for himself with his love songs.

Just two weeks ago he and his wife had a newborn son named Noah. But this joyous moment didn't turn out the way Buble expected.

Buble told a Canadian talk show that he had difficulty bonding with his tiny son.

"That day it was like meeting a stranger," said Buble.

That's right, Buble said meeting his newborn son was like meeting a stranger.

ABC's Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser, told INSIDE EDITION, "I think he was really brave to talk about this."

Dr. Besser said many new dads feel this same way, but they just don't admit it.

According to Dr. Besser,  "A lot of parents imagine that when the baby comes out immediately that there is this magical connection, but it doesn't always work out that way. For some parents it takes time."

Dr. Besser had some advice to help new dads like Michael Buble bond with their babies, saying, "One thing a dad can do is take that night time shift. There you are alone at night holding your baby close and that is what can build that connection."

Michael Buble said he has now found that bond. He said he sings to his son everyday.

And what's better than a serenade from a dad with those pipes?