New Zeppelin Airship Takes Off

INSIDE EDITION was there to check out the new hi-tech aeroscraft Zeppelin airship which will be used to carry cargo.

We're about to take you on a ride back to the future. Only INSIDE EDITION was there as the aeroscraft Zeppelin airship made its first test flight.

But this isn't your grandfather's blimp. It's loaded with hi-tech cockpit. Mechanical engineer, Tim Kenny told us, "This aircraft is the next generation of what was a blimp."

The prototype is 265 feet long and flies up to 115 miles per hour and it will be used strictly for cargo.

Back in the 1930's, blimps were supposed to be the future of air travel, until the Hindenburg disaster. But unlike the Hindenburg, which used explosive hydrogen, the aeroscraft uses compressed helium which won't catch fire.

We asked test pilot, Corky Belanger how his first flight was.  Balanger responded, "It was absolutely perfect."