Dr. Phil Weighs In On Today's Headlines

Dr. Phil shares his point of view on today's headlines and gives INSIDE EDITION a sneak peak of his new season.

Dr. Phil is weighing in on the big news stories of the day. Like for instance, that tattoo that would-be Miss America Theresa Vail is sporting.

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION, "I have no tattoos, I'm not a tattoo fan. In this generation, it's body art. In my generation, thugs had tattoos. But in this generation it's very different and I think we have to realize, things have changed."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd got Dr. Phil's take on that volatile confrontation between George Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie.

Dr. Phil said, "I'm glad that she is out of that situation and away from him. If indeed that's what she does. If she gets out and stays out, I think that would be the safe decision."

If the Zimmerman marriage can't be saved, what about this one? Should the long-suffering wife of  Anthony Weiner continue standing by her man now that he's lost his bid to be Mayor of New York City?

"It wouldnt surprise me to see that relationship fragment at some point in the very near term," said Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil's new season began this week, and on his latest show, he has an exclusive interview with a former North Carolina high-school football star accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party.

Seventeen-year-old Matthew Bishop is one of four young men charged in the troubling case. They all say the sex was consensual.

On Dr. Phil's show, he asked Bishop, "You are now charged with second-degree rape, and you think that is unfair?"

Bishop replied, "Yes, sir."

Dr. Phil also interviews the accusor.

She said, "He violated my body."

Dr. Phil told INSIDE EDITION, "For the first time I've had this in 12 years, we have both the accusor and the accused on the show while the case is pending."