Prank Gone Tragically Wrong

When trying to surprise her friend by jumping out of a closet, a teen was shot dead. INSIDE EDITION has the story of a prank gone fatally wrong.

A chilling 911 call described the bloody scene inside a suburban Denver house. 18-year-old Premila Lal wanted to surprise her best friend by sneaking into the house and jumping out of a closet.
The Lal family has granted INSIDE EDITION exclusive access to the home where on that fateful day what started as an innocent prank went horribly wrong.
Premila's 12-year-old cousin, Aiden was hiding inside the closet with her. He described what happened to INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero, “We were just waiting to surprise him and scare him.”

Downstairs, Nerrek Galley heard strange noises and thought intruders were in the house. Galley grabbed a gun and went upstairs to confront them, that is when Premila jumped out of the closet.

Premila's brother said that is when Galley, thinking she was an intruder, opened fire.
Guerrero asked, “So, she was able to walk from the closet to this part of the hallway?”

“Yeah,” replied Prenil.

Guerrero asked, “And what happened here?”

“She passed out and fell down the stairs,” he said.

Premila was taken to the hospital but it was too late. Now, her grief stricken parents have to make funeral plans.

Her father said, "For my daughter's sake, we learned forgiving."
Because they are Hindu, Premila's father is shaving his head and beard. It's an old Hindu custom. The father is purified so he can participate in the funeral.

A young life lost, all because of a prank gone horribly wrong and a tragic accident.