Son Opens up About Scathing Obituary Celebrating Mother's Death

INSIDE EDITION spoke with the children who wrote the scathing obituary about their mother that shocked and surprised many.

Patrick Reddick wrote the scathing obituary of his mom that is being read with horror all over the world.

"She neglected and abused her small children. When they became adults she stalked and tortured anyone they dared to love...We celebrate her passing from this earth," the obituary reads.

58-year-old Patrick Reddick is now speaking exclusively with Jim Moret.

He told INSIDE EDITION, "Typically the beatings were two or three times a day, anytime she'd go off."

He said he doesn't regret writing the obituary. In fact, he says he was overjoyed when he learned his mom was dead, saying It was just like the Wicked Witch's death in The Wizard of Oz.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked, "How did you feel when you found out your mom was dead?"

"I really did break into the song 'ding dong the witch is dead' and I was all excited because it was over, it was over," replied Patrick. 

Patrick says he has good reason to hate his mom. He said she beat and abused him and his seven siblings and ran a brothel out of their home in Reno, Nevada.

Patrick told INSIDE EDITION, "I can remember my sisters and I taking everything in the medicine cabinet when we were kids, trying to end it."

Their 78-year-old mother was found dying in a ramshackle trailer in a Reno trailer park where she lived with 13 cats. She passed away in a hospice last month.

Patrick revealed he made a secret visit to make sure she was dying.

"I have anxiety still from all this and I just couldn't hardly breath. I was so relieved that this was really her and she's not coming out," he said.

He and his sister, Katherine, penned the scathing obituary together, which ran in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

"Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick is survived by her children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible," it reads.

Despite their horrible childhoods, both ended up big successes in life. He's a business executive. Katherine is an assistant principal in Texas.

Patrick has finally found happiness with his wife, Gayle, who he met when they were both being raised in an orphanage.

"Did you fear for your life from this woman?" asked Moret.

"I did," replied Patrick.

"Why? it sounds incredible," asked Moret.

Patrick said, "because i'd been around her enough to know she was not stable." 

They have a daughter, Jennifer.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It just breaks my heart to hear him."

Now his mother is dead. And they say, good riddance to her.

"Patrick, if there's a hell do you believe your mother's in hell?" asked Moret.

Patrick replied, "Oh, she's there, she's there."