Parakeet Stops Home Burglar

Who needs an alarm system when you have a parakeet? INSIDE EDITION explains.

Suzette Beesley of Tampa had no idea what was wrong when her pet parakeet, Emerald, started loudly squawking.

Beesley explained, "I was in the bedroom and I heard him making the noise, it was a 'squack.' "

The 21-year-old parakeet heard a stranger breaking into the house next door and it seriously ruffled his feathers.

"I walked and I looked out here, and I saw Emerald getting really really loud. I quickly looked out and I thought, that is the robber," said Beesley.

She picked up the phone and dialed 911.

"I think my neighbors are being robbed. They're for sure not home. There's a man that just got into their screen enclosure. I'm peeking around the side of my house because my bird hears everything, and tells me. And the bird was like, 'squak, squak, squak, squak.'

Officers arrived on the scene and caught the suspect, 31-year-old Hans Christensen. Beesley captured the bust with her cellphone camera. Christensen has pled not guilty.

So, who needs a watch dog when Emerald's around?

"I don't have a watch dog. I have a watch bird that's going to keep an eye on things," said Beesley.