Miss America Marred By Racist Abuse

After winning the Miss America crown, Miss New York Nina Davuluri has been the subject of racist comments because of her heritage. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was the crowning moment in the Miss America pageant from Atlantic City when Miss New York Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America.

But along with the glory of being the first pageant winner of Indian descent, there is a shocking and disturbing backlash.

“If you're miss America you should be American,” wrote one pageant viewer.  Another tweeted: "Miss America is a terrorist." There were dozens more, like: "Miss America? You mean Miss 7-11."   

Now, news of her win has been overshadowed by reaction from around the world. Headlines read; "Victory Marred By Racist Slurs," "Crowning Sparks Racist Abuse," "Barrage of Racist Abuse."

TV personality and real estate tycoon Barbara Corcoran was one of the judges. She told INSIDE EDITION, "You could not find anyone who represented America better. Her parents are first generation immigrants. This young woman has worked her way through school and gotten great grades. She is polite, she loves America, she has ethics, I mean, what is not American about this?"

Many people think her performance in the talent competition sealed her win. Her charming Bollywood-style dance brought the house down, but that is also what triggered the backlash.

One person tweeted, "Egypt dancing? This is America." Another wrote: "I am sorry, this is Miss America. Not Miss India."

Comedian Mario Cantone, who also judged the competition told INSIDE EDITION, "I loved her Bollywood performance. It was really great. There is someone who called her 'Miss 7-11,' I was like, 'Really, because she likes a Big Gulp?'"

For the record, she couldn't be more American. She was born in Syracuse, New York before moving with her family to Oklahoma and then to Michigan. She's a graduate of the University of Michigan and wants to be a doctor.

She beat some stiff and unusual competition.

Miss Florida had to wear a knee brace during the swimsuit competition. She tore a ligament during preliminaries, but she soldiered on and did a baton twirling routine wearing the brace. Davuluri also beat out Miss Kansas who became the first contestant to openly display her tattoos.

The new Miss America says she will use her prize money to pay tuition at medical school. An all-American dream for an all-American girl.