7 Documentaries to Hit Hulu This Summer

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Sit back and learn from this list of new documentaries out on Hulu this summer.

Nothing beats a good documentary. Documentaries help us understand the world around us, and be informed on topics we otherwise may not have the opportunity to be taught. Sit back, relax and binge some of the newest docs to hit Hulu this summer. Here is a list of some that everyone will soon be talking about.

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Changing The Game

This film explores the strife and success three transgender athletes have seen and how they have overcome some of life's toughest hurdles. Released in June 2021, "Changing the Game" will open your eyes to the battle it takes to pursue your dreams.

Jesus Camp

"Jesus Camp" follows a group of children who attend an Evangelical Christian summer camp. There, they are taught how to be "God's army" and prepare for Jesus' return to the planet. The film has been nominated in the Best Documentary category at the 79th Academy Awards.

Summer of Soul

In his debut film "Summer of Soul," released this year, musician, and now director, Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known professionally as Questlove, presents a narrative of the history of Black music, culture and fashion.

The New York Times Presents: Dominik Fike

Maybe you haven't heard of Florida-based artist and musician Dominic Fike, but you are about to remember his name. The previously incarcerated teen was signed to a multi-million dollar record deal not long after he released music on his Soundcloud while held on house arrest.

The Donut King

Cambodian refugee Ted Ngoy came to the United States with a dream to be an entrepreneur. He opened a donut shop in Los Angeles but after expanding over the years, leading him to make millions and becoming a philanthropist to other refugees, he got caught up in a gambling addiction.

Her Name is Chef

This film spotlights six aspiring chefs and how they have overcome the obstacles of being a woman in the restaurant industry.

Charles & Diana 1983

Many people have closely followed the lives of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. But this new documentary, "Charles and Diana 1983," looks at issues the couple had long before Diana's unexpected 1997 death.