7 Puppies Rescued From Remote Island Are Named After Gilligan and Friends

No one knows how these brothers and sisters were lost.

Seven puppies were abandoned on an Island in Canada, but the efforts of local animal rescuers have ensured they won't perish as castaways.

Instead, they'll hopefully grow big and strong to become big dogs with happy homes.

Helping them out along the way is all the press these pooches have gotten, in part because of the clever names given to them by the folks at Norway House Animal Rescue in Winnipeg. 

"Operation 'Gilligans Island' is underway," the group wrote on its Facebook page as they provided the eager public with updates about the canines. 

Each dog has since been named after one of the denizens of Gilligan's Island from the 1960s sitcom.

Some even act the part!

"Skipper and Gilligan are best of friends," the rescue wrote as the puppies were plucked from the island in Cross Lake.

Norway House said it's unclear how the puppies got to the island. No mother was found and they were starving when some boaters happened to spot them at the shore.

They'll now be cared for until they're ready to adopt out to loving homes. Those interested in donating to Norway House may do so through PayPal.