Former Polygamist Wife Chronicles Life Inside Warren Jeffs' Cult

What's it like in the secret world of polygamy? Rebecca Musser, the former wife of polygamist leader Rulon Jeffs, spoke to INSIDE EDITION and she says she was forced to marry him when she was just 19. 

Would you believe that American beauty, Rebecca Musser, was once in a polygamist cult?

She used to wear a dowdy Little House on the Prairie-style dresses when she was in the cult.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "We had to have dresses that came to our collar bone, and the sleeves down to our wrists, and the skirt length that fell at least four inches below the knee, preferably longer, and it could not be too form-fitting."

Musser said she was also forbidden to cut her long hair.   

"My hair was nearly down to my knees. We couldn't wear makeup. We couldn't wear jewelry, except for a wedding ring," she said.  

She was married at the age of 19 to notorious cult leader Warren Jeff’s 85-year-old father, Rulon Jeffs.

Musser said, "After Rulon Jeffs died, 56 of his 65 wives were between the ages of 17 and 34 and Warren was forcing them to be remarried, telling us that ‘This was God's will.’"

She escaped from the polygamist compound in Utah.

She's now embracing her freedom with a startling makeover. She dyes her hair blonde and when she testified against Warren Jeffs in court, she wore full makeup and a forbidden color—bright red. She's documenting her story in a new book, The Witness Wore Red.

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, "You would not be able to look anything like this if you were still with the church?"

She replied, "No, I would not be able to look anything like this. It reminds me everyday of how my life is different."