Couple Auctioning Off 55,000 Dresses

One man romanced his wife by buying her a new dress every time they went dancing. Now, the couple is auctioning off their warehouse of 55,000 gowns. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

There are dresses as far as the eye can see in one warehouse. Rack after rack filled with dresses, however this isn't a warehouse for a clothing store. All 55,000 of the dresses were bought by one man for his wife!
The story begins back in 1957 when Paul Brockmann married his wife Margot. They shared a passion for dancing and Paul wanted her to have a new dress every time they went to the ballroom.

He said, “Some guys have automobiles, others have stamps, so I’m the one who is into dresses.”  

Paul has bought so many dresses he has to rent a giant warehouse at a secret location outside Los Angeles. He stores the dresses double stacked from floor to ceiling. He organizes them by color.
Paul, who made a good living as a contractor, said he has spent more than a $1 million on dresses.  If Margot wore a different one every single day, it would take her 150 years to go through them all.

Margot said, "I honestly hate shopping, so I didn't have to do that."

Now, Paul is auctioning off his fabulous collection hoping to get at least $750,000. But for Paul, it's not about the money. It’s about the memories and how his bride was always the belle of the ball, never having to wear the same dress twice.