Anna Nicole Opera Opens In Brooklyn

The highly-anticipated opera Anna Nicole premiered in Brooklyn, New York and INSIDE EDITION caught up with the star channeling the iconic, troubled beauty.

Anna Nicole, the opera, premiered last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the audience loved it.

Sarah Joy Miller, a slim, 34 year-old soprano plays the title role of the voluptuous pop culture star. The hardest part, she says, was the physical transformation.
Miller told INSIDE EDITION, "The suit in act two is just horrendous to wear."

For the second act, Miller dons a fat suit in addition to the double DD prosethic breasts she wears to mimic the buxom beauty of Anna Nicole. 

Miller says Anna Nicole's roller coaster life has all the tragic elements of a classic opera.

"I think that she'd be very happy to hear that someone wrote an opera about her. I dont feel we're making fun of her as much as we're celebrating her life, and her spirit," said Miller.

And guess who showed up on the red carpet for last night's premiere? Former Judge Larry Seidlin, who presided over the body custody hearing following Anna Nicole's death.

"I think this opera was sensational, and the audience loved it," remarked Seidlin. "You had moments of laughter, moments of joy and then great moments of sadness, tragedy. And that was Anna Nicole's life.