Wild Party Destroys Former NFL Player's Home

Former NFL star Brian Holloway was away from home when he found out that a wild party was going on inside his house and watched via online surveillance as the chaos unfolded. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Imagine you're out of town and a wild scene is going on in your home with 400 kids partying at the million-dollar house you thought was locked up tight.

Photos were actually posted online while the party was still raging. So, the homeowner watched his house being trashed as it happened.

The aftermath featured graffiti all over the walls, broken windows, and trash everywhere.

The homeowner is former pro-football player Brian Holloway. He used to play football for New England Patriots and Los Angeles Raiders.

He said, "They were partying and dancing. The keggers were here. Kicking holes in the wall here."

He told INSIDE EDITION his nightmare started when he was home in Florida and got a troubling text message from his 19-year-old son.

"My son said, 'Hey dad, there is something going on. You need to look at this,'" he said.

Sure enough, Holloway went online and saw the photos being posted in real time at his summer vacation home outside Albany, New York, which is 1,200 miles away.

One knucklehead had the nerve to dance on the kitchen counter.

He said, "Obviously when you see that, you know what the rest of the picture is going to look like when they are at that level already, table dancing."

"The best party of the summer," read one tweet.

Another tweeted: “I can't even explain how nice and huge this house is."

Holloway said, "I am looking at these tweets and they are real time tweets broadcasted from the party. 'I can't believe this, we are wrecking Holloway's house. We are trashing this place, who cares? Hand me another drink.'"

He is still cleaning up the house. The damage to the home is around $30,000 dollars. He said so far, only one teen out of 400 has had the guts to come forward and admit being involved.

Holloway said, "If we don't handle this now, your house will be next."