Mayoral Candidate Runs Unusual Campaign

Jeff Wagner is an every day guy running an unusual campaign for mayor of Minneapolis, and it's getting so much attention, that it just might work. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

You've never met a politician like this guy.

His name is Jeff Wagner and he's shaking up the race for Mayor of Minneapolis with a wild and wacky campaign ad.

Watch Wagner Discuss His Campaign

He told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm not gonna take money from the developers. I'm not gonna take money from the political angle."

The ad has really struck a nerve.

"This guy's great. He's got my vote," wrote one supporter on Youtube.

"You go buddy! Tell it like it is!" wrote another

Voters in Minneapolis are really embracing Jeff.

The ad has propelled him from an unknown to a real contender in the race for Mayor. He's even become a popular guest on local talk radio.

"I love the fact that you're so passionate - you're my kind of guy!"

So who is this guy?

"Two words. I'm not a politician. I'm somebody who sees whats going on - I struggle day to day. I'm poor. I'm poor as heck!" he told INSIDE EDITION. 

He's a 46 yr old airport baggage handler who still lives with his mom.

So what does she think of that ad?

"I just didn't like the language!" she said.

Jeff freely admits that he has zero qualifications to be Mayor.

"I don't know everything, dude. I'm not gonna lie! 'm gonna get a good team together to help me." He said.

He's not the only colorful character in the race. There are 35 candidates in total, including a pirate, and a pilgrim.

Right now, Jeff is polling in the middle of the pack, but don't be surprised if the people of Minneapolis pick a mayor with nothing to hide!