Kids Getting What They Want, One Way or Another

Could it be called toy extortion? INSIDE EDITION has more on little kids getting their way in some surprising ways.

A little girl with goldilocks had her mind set on a My Little Pony figurine, and she's not a girl who takes "no" for an answer.

She told her dad, "I need that because I don't have that."

Her dad asked her, "What if I told you we're not getting anything today?"

She replied, "If I don't get any ponies, I won't be able to love you anymore."

"You won't be able to love me anymore? That's it?" he asked.

"I'll only be able to love my mom," she replied.

She was a hit on the Today show, with Al Roker noting, "She's hard core!"

And guess what? Dad gave in and bought her the pony on the spot. Probably a good idea, because he was warned.

His daughter added, "If we get them tomorrow, I'll be mad at you."