Grand Theft Auto Takes Jab at Mark Zuckerberg

A character in the new Grand Theft Auto bears a striking resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg brutally blown away in the just-released version of the controversial video game, Grand Theft Auto?

The founder of a Facebook-style social network called "Life Invader" is assassinated with a booby trapped cellphone.

Today's New York Post points out the character is "clearly inspired by the Facebook founder."

Even the headquarters of "Life Invader" with it's casually dressed workers and open plan offices, looks remarkably like Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

So, what do the creators of Grand Theft Auto Five have against Mark Zuckerberg? No word from the guys behind the wildly popular game.

Newsweek and Daily Beast correspondent Winston Ross told INSIDE EDITION, "It's cool to hate Facebook. It's the big dog in the social networking market and Mark Zuckerberg is basically the Darth Vader of the internet right now."

The game was released Wednesday and has already racked up $800 million in sales.