Miss South Carolina Apologizes For Mobile Home Remark

After a remark she made during the Miss America pageant, Miss South Carolina Brooke Mosteller is trying to clarify things. INSIDE EDITION.

Miss South Carolina, Brooke Mosteller, is apologizing for a joke she told during last Sunday's Miss America pageant.

When each contestant introduced themselves to viewers on camera, Mosteller said, "From the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile, because that's how we roll."

Angry reactions from her homestate have been building on Twitter all-week-long.

One user said: "So much to be proud of in our beautiful state and Miss South Carolna chooses mobile homes."

Another wrote: "South Carolina: Where beauty pageant contestants take pride in our state's pervasive poverty."

Comedian Stephen Colbert, who was raised in South Carolina, pounded away at the beauty queen, saying, "Now I'm a proud son of South Carolina, and this year Miss South Carolina represented our state admirably. That's right 20 percent of our homes are mobile! Which means they could leave South Carolina and yet they choose to stay!"

The comments have been so nasty that Mosteller went on WCSC-TV and begged forgiveness, saying, "This was just very much a lack of judgement on my part."

She says pageant officials from her home state actually wrote the joke for her as part of her prepared remarks, saying, "When I would question it or feel a little uncomfortable about it, I would voice my concern, but pretty much everyone I asked about it at the pageant said, 'This is funny and you have a great personality.'"

Brooke Mosteller failed to advance to the semifinals. Ultimately Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, won the crown.

Now, Miss South Carolina is left to wonder whether that insensitive joke torpedoed her pageant dreams, adding, "I really just should have used my better judgement."