Excitement Over New iPhone Leads To Chaos

While many tech enthusiasts were thrilled with the arrival of the new iPhones, some of the excitement was marred by choas. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

iPhone fever has turned to choas. Fights broke out at the Apple store in Pasadena, California, as the new iPhone 5 went on sale. Two women were filmed wrestling on the sidewalk.

The incidents were just part of the bizarre scene at that store. One local guy reportedly hired 100 or so homeless people to wait in line so he could buy as many of the new iPhones as he could.

Tempers flared even before the doors of the store opened. Regular customers waited with the homeless people. Some men were arrested. Then the women started going at it. One guy had to be restrained by three cops.

The guy who brought homeless people to the store had to be escorted to safety by cops. He was still clutching a handful of iPhones, which he told INSIDE EDITION that he was planning to sell at a profit.

There were big lines at Apple stores all over the country. INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney was at the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City where she got a hands-on look at the new phones.

She said, "They come in a rainbow of colors, but they're not cheap. The 5s, which has all the latest bells and whistles, starts at $650 without a contract. The cheaper, 5c is still a hefty $550."

But the price tag doesn't seem to be fazing fans.

The phone-frenzy surrounding the release of the hotly-anticipated new iPhones led hundreds of thousands to wait outside Apple stores for days.

On Friday, one guy said, “I got here Wednesday morning."

Another said, "I got here September 6."

Most fans were thrilled with Apple's new products. But for one little boy, he was not so excited. He broke into tears when he saw the phone's new-look screen icons.