Terror Attack In Kenyan Mall

The footage of a terror attack at a mall in Kenya is gripping the world, and some are asking, could it happen here? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Could scenes of terror like the one continuing to unfold in Kenya really happen in the United States?

The images are almost impossible to imagine: How could anyone do this?  

A heartbreaking photo was shown around the world of a bewildered, terrified child coaxed to safety by a Kenyan police officer.

One woman survived by hiding inside an air vent until she was rescued by Special Forces. And a family hid behind a coffee counter, flat on their bellies to dodge flying bullets.

Now, security is being beefed up at malls across America.

There were soldiers in body armor on duty at the Manhattan Mall in the heart of New York City today.

But there are steps you can take to survive a terror attack, even at the mall, says security expert Steve Kardian.

"We should go about our daily routines, but we should always be conscious of the potential of an attack," said Kardian.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "What would you do if we heard gunshots ringing out right now, here in the mall?"

"Believe your eyes and ears. If you believe you hear gunshots, don't hesitate. The first 10 seconds is the most critical time period. Run away from the carnage, not towards it," said Kardian.

Boyd asked, "We know in Kenya, the terrorists blocked three different exits. What if you cannot escape from the mall?"

"First of all, don't be in such a panic that you run in between the gunfire. Run, hide, fight. Find a small area you can hide yourself in because he's going to walk by that and look for the larger mass of people," said Kardian.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Grennberg was in Kenya for a convention when he found himself  thrust into the center of the drama.

Greenberg reported, "Things really got crazy today. That's when the gunfire started. That's when the explosions started. We were surrounded here earlier today by explosions of automatic weapon fire and grenades."

Terrifying scenes transfixing the world. Let us just pray it never happens in the U.S.A. one day.