Truck Driver Suffers Heart Attack Behind-The-Wheel

If truck driver Artie Frisbee didn't believe in miracles before, he does now. After having a heart attack behind-the-wheel while driving, he crashed his vehicle near a fire station where rescuers rushed to save him. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a miracle as a man was lying on the ground, not breathing, as rescue workers were trying to revive him, and they seemed to be losing the battle.

But they refused to give up and when all hope was just about gone the victim started breathing on his own and the crowd goes wild.

Artie Frisbee, a father of three, knows just how lucky he is to be alive. His life-and-death drama began when the 58-year-old truck driver suffered a heart attack at the wheel and slammed into a utility pole here in Rochester, New York.

"I wouldn't be here talking to you if it wasn't for these guys. They are heroes," he said.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent said, "You were in full cardiac arrest."

Frisbee said, "Done. I was dead."

Joe Agnazio and his brother pulled Frisbee from his truck. Joe said, "He was completely purple. Blueish in color.

Luckily for Frisbee, it happened right near the local firehouse. Within seconds, four firefighters, trained in emergency services, were on the scene, administering CPR as the crowd around them shouted encouragement.

Firefighter Chris Courtney was pumping on Frisbee's chest. He said, "He was purple. He was not breathing, he was not breathing, he had no pulse. He was purple."

Trent asked, "Did you think you were going to lose him?"

Courtney replied, "We fight to the end."

They used a defibrillator on Frisbee.

Frisbee said, "He kept yelling at me, real loud. He screamed, 'Breathe!' It sounded like the guy was really mad at me. So, I kept thinking to myself, 'I better start breathing here.'"

For a while, it was touch-and-go, but signs of life were appearing. Then, suddenly, Frisbee was breathing on his own.

An amazing survival story and nobody knows it better than the man who was saved.

Frisbee said, "I am a lucky guy. I am the luckiest unlucky guy you are going to meet right now."