Father Of The Bride Gets Glowing Look For His Daughter's Big Day

Brides are expected to spruce up for their wedding day. But what about the father of the bride? INSIDE EDITION found one dad who took botox injections before walking his daughter down the aisle.

There's a father of the bride who loved it when the wedding photographer got up close.

Anthony Tomasello had a laser treatment and botox so he could look good at the wedding of his daughter Danielle in New Jersey.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I said, 'Dad, don't you want your youth back? We are going to have so many pictures and these pictures are forever.'"

Guests loved Anthony’s new look.  Some told him, “You look good.”

Anthony's doctor says its part of a trend, "A lot of brides are starting to bring their dad's in for procedures as opposed to the bride bringing her mom in."