Kim Kardashian Fan Gets Extreme Makeover

INSIDE EDITION follows Myla Sinanaj as she goes under the knife to look like Kim Kardashian.

It's a Kim Kardashian sighting on the streets of New York!  But wait, that's not Kim!  

Myla Sinanaj told IINSIDE EDITION, "I love Kim Kardashian's body. I' m constantly being compared to Kim Kardashian, and it's really hard because she's picture perfect."

Sinanaj got plastic surgery because she hoped to look even more like Kim.

"I feel like we have the same curves," said Sinanaj.

She turned to New York City cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman.

Dr. Schulman gave her a flatter tummy and a slimmer waist—which Sinanaj feels is closer to Kim's hours glass figure saying, "If I end up looking like Kim, it will all be worth it."

Sinanaj was marked up and ready to go.

Dr Schulman said it's not unusual for patients to show him photos of celebrites, which he uses as a guideline.

"She has a similar bone structure to Kim Kardashian," said the doctor.

First, Dr. Schulman liposuctioned four pounds of fat from her back.

"You have a nice sexy curve to lower back," said the doctor.

He moved on to her waist and tummy—removing another six pounds.

"She's gonna have a teeny tiny little waist," said Schulman.

Then he gave her a new 'D cup' silicon implants and to finish off the look—lip filler.

"Kim has a pouty full look," said Schulman.

Three hours later, Sinanaj was fitted with a girdle, and she left the doctor's office a bit sore. But the transformation was not complete. Next stop: the dentist.

Dentist Shawn Sadri gave her a dazzling white smile like Kim.

"One of the most sought after smiles these days is Kim Kardashian's because she has such a nice, white smile," said Dr. Sadri.

Just two weeks later, Sinanaj spoke about her surgery.

"I definitely see my waist shaped like her. I have her hour glass shape now," said Sinanaj.

"Give me your best Kim Kardashian," asked photographer, Andrew Werner.

She posed for photographer in body hugging dresses that showed off her slimmer waist, tighter tummy, and curvier butt.

So, what would Kim Kardashian think of her look-a-like?

"She'd probably think I'm crazy," confessed Sinanaj.