President Obama's Prom Date

INSIDE EDITION reveals what President Obama's senior prom date is doing today.

A smiling 17-year-old Barack Obama was on the way to his senior the prom in 1979. The pretty blonde on the right was the future president's prom date.

Kelli Allman is the pretty redhead pictured in the photo. Her date was Greg Orme, Obama's best friend. Back then, he was known as Barry. INSIDE EDITION spoke to her in May.

"She was gorgeous. She was wearing a blue dress and I just remember being like, 'Wow! Go Barry!' The big surprise when he walked in the house with this beautiful blue-eyed blonde haired girl," said Allman.

It's been 34 years, but Allman vividly remembers Obama's date, recalling, "She had the face of an angel and the body of a goddess."

When a photo was published earlier this year in Time magazine, it caused quite a stir.
Allman is now a mom of two who lives in Southern California. Greg Orme became a building contractor. Occasionally, he still plays golf with the president.

But, whatever happened to the  president's date? That has remained a mystery. Until now.

Her name is Megan Hughes, and, like lots of pretty girls, after high school she set out for Hollywood.

She became an aspiring actress and landed small parts on shows like Magnum P.I. She also appeared in a low budget movie with Terrance Stamp and Val Kilmer called The Real McCoy.

In 1995, Obama was an unknown community organizer in Chicago. His first book, Dreams From My Father was about the thurst him into the public spotlight.

And what of Megan Hughes? She was appearing in an R-rated movie called Smooth Operator. She   played a businesswoman who has a fling with a person trainer. She also went topless in the movie.

Sadly, we have learned Hughes' life took a troubling turn. She was arrested in Los Angeles on drug possession charges, three times in three years. The arrests came in January 2003, then in 2004 and again in 2005. She pled no contest to the charges and they were all dismissed after she completed court-ordered drug rehab.

Hughes has remained out of trouble since 2005 and currently teaches yoga to recovering addicts.  

Now, she is forever linked to a young man who took her to his high school prom in Hawaii. A young man who would become president.