Blue Man Paul Karason Dies At 62

Paul Karason, the man who shot to worldwide fame as "The Blue Man," passed away at 62. INSIDE EDITION has his story.

There is sad news about the man who achieved fame as "The Blue Man.” Paul Karason has died at age 62.

Karason shocked the world five years ago when he came forth as the man whose skin had literally turned blue.

As a young man growing up in Washington state, Karason's complexion was completely normal. His skin turned blue after he sought a cure for flaky skin. He read about a home remedy drinking a solution of silver in water. At first things were fine, but then he rubbed the silver into his skin. Before long, he was blue.

Doctors told him there was no hope of reversing the pigmentation. Life was never easy for the man whose fame was skin-deep.

He said, "People are rather reluctant to hire blue people or people that are noticeably different."

At one point, he had fallen on hard times. He lost his lost his home and had no choice but to move into a homeless shelter.

He said, "I really had no other place to go."

He also battled prostate cancer and heart problems.

Karason's wife, Joanne, told INSIDE EDITION last year, "He's quite a guy, despite the fact that he's blue."

He died of a heart attack and a stroke in a Washington hospital on Monday.