Kate Gosselin Speaks Out About Her Life And Her Ex-Husband

Kate Gosselin sits down with INSIDE EDITION to discuss her life and her ex's run in with a paparazzi.

In reference to the incident where her husband reportedly pulled a gun on a photographer, Kate Gosselin told INSIDE EDITION, "A situation like this is a safety concern. Any parent would stop and go, wait, what?"

Kate Gosselin spoke out about the strange incident when her ex-husband, Jon, reportedly pulled a gun on a female photographer last week in Pennsylvania.

Jon got upset when the photographer followed him home from his new job waiting tables at a restaurant in Beckersville, PA. Jon said the photographer was trespassing and refused to leave.

"I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, which I used to fire a warning shot," Jon said in a statement.

Kate said, "I don't really understand it because paparazzi is not new in our world. For years we have been instructed that if paparazzi are following you, to just go inside and close the door."

The incident got big laughs on The Tonight Show. Jay Leno joked, "He pulled gun on a female paparazzi, but she sitll refused to take the picture."

But for Kate, this was no joke.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked Kate, "Do you fear for your children's safety?"

"I'm doing what needs to be done with regards to a gun, and I'm following up on that. My priority is their safety," replied Kate.

Four years after their divorce, Jon is now living in a cabin in the woods with no TV and no internet. He's supporting himself working as a waiter.

"Is Jon able to pay child support?" asked Alexander.

Kate answered, "I really don't pay attention to that. We've been divorced for four years now, and a lot of these reasons are why we're divorced." 

Kate says life after reality TV is rough for her too. She misses the seven-figure salary she used to rake in, and all the attention she got on Dancing with the Stars.

Kate is now hoping to pay the bills with a new cookbook she is releasing—Love Is in the Mix.

"It's about how to run an organized kitchen, how to freeze meals, and how to save money by packing healthy lunches. I tried to include all the things that I do to keep our house running smoothly," said Kate about her book.