For Sale: Eminem's Chilldhood Home

Among the many abandonded homes in Detroit, sits Eminem's childhood home, which is on the market for a dollar. INSIDE EDITION paid a visit.

It's Eminem's childhood house for sale—at the incredible price of one dollar. Tha's right, one single dollar.

The two bedroom house is in Detroit. Row after row of abandoned homes blight the neighborhood.

If the house looks familiar, it should. It's on the cover of his hit record "The Marshall Mathers LP."    Eminem lived there for seven years.  

The house is being auctioned off with a minimum bid of a dollar. There is one catch. Buyers have to promise they'll rehabilitate the property.

"They would have to have the capacity, financial resources, and the ability or a contractor to bring this house back up to occupancy standards," said a bank rep.

The house is just 767 square feet. The backyard is big, but definitely needs work. It looks like a jungle.

One plus: Emimen still drops by from time to time to check out the old neighborhood. 8 Mile Road is just a block away.