Dr. Drew Reveals His Surprising Diagnosis

TV's Dr. Drew has revealed his battle with prostate cancer and the surgery that saved his life. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"You may be surprised to find out, I have cancer."

That was the shocking revelation from TV's Dr. Drew Pinsky—he has prostate cancer.

The 55-year-old TV doctor said the cancer was discovered two years ago when his wife, Susan, pressed him to have a screening.

"Finally had the prostate out about two or three months ago, and I'm doing great now," reassured Dr. Drew. The operation was performed with a surgical robot.

Dr. Drew told CNN this morning that the tumor was removed just as it was about to spread.

"I probably would have died of prostate cancer," said Dr. Drew.

And he was emotional as he told Dr. Oz how he handled the scary diagnosis.

Dr. Oz asked, "How did you deal with that diagnosis?"

"You get this sinking feeling and it's very lonely. You're very alone and that's the time to reach out," said Dr. Drew.

The good news: he said he believes he's now cured. "I am probably cancer free and I can probably look forward to a normal life expectancy without cancer," said Dr. Drew.